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Reasons why orange is a failure at Box office | ram Charan | orange


Orange | ram Charan | movies | Tollywood

A movie success will tell in two different ways

One is to get big box office collection


Two is no one is replace it. money and time will not no one's can replace it. This only called timeless classics. It will most memorable movie.

Not only for Heroes for a movie also has fans base. That movie only orange

Not just it is a movie. It's much more . All of us keep orange movie in heart s .it's a classic. It's an irreplaceable movie. It's memorable.

No movie can replace it.

What are the reasons for that much love to that movie? Music will all know how much feel it is in orange movie. Let's keep behind it .

discussing the reasons behind orange fail at Box office and what the uniqueness in orange movie.

  • different approach

Orange is an romantic drama based Film. Generally we all know wrong come movies are follow one template. Once upon a time and girl meets boy they fail in love. This like start and in either with a problem that problem solving and go through climax. And both meet. But orange is different.

Orange movie is base story only but that story telling all are new and perfect. It's an story about love. Because in this movie all know love, and all of most fail in love and be in love. So remaining Love stories. And orange movie different is protagonist and character 

  • character's

   Orange movie totally depends on character RAM and he ideology . We all see happiness in yourself.

What we did all most. Ram character also that like. What he likes  he do that only and not lie anything.

But here problem is that in his girlfriend also he finds and want's that qualities. He find himself in her girlfriend so , for this is not love Fully to that girl.

To he goal he only be a stopper this only his character ARC

Orange | ram Charan | movies | Tollywood

" BOTH character's has they believes "

RAM Character believes life long love is not there 

JANU character believes life long love is there 

Here in the BOTH character's by any one character believes left any character win and change.

Here in movie Janu character says to RAM character prove life long love.but Here Ram character. Believes different till then he's believes any other then Ram character Life long love is there or not leave and come clarity to love more when love is come to less that solution he gets then he's believes come.

In the climax they're both fullyfilled they ARE 's

  • Western vibe

Orange LOVE

There have most different between in India and western in love and marriage.

May be this is reasons behind to get western background Vibe to the orange movie.

Orange is overcoming go fill type story so Western Vibe is perfect.

Orange movie definitely a new trade type in that time but in some some cases there have mini minus . Un developing  support characters.  Mostly story around hero only.songs not use Fully in story telling mostly to the audience prove one point about love.

Fact that orange Film. First time watches audience mostly not understand but till now love and love story movies Tollywood movies which is top movie means all say orange is my top 1 . Totally orange is a memorable film. Which can't be replaced.

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